Why Give?

Planned gifts provide resources that create extraordinary opportunities and preserve our future.

The programs of The Foundation depend upon your goodwill. To that end, there are a myriad of giving options from which you can choose – from naming us as a beneficiary in your will to a more complex trust arrangement.

We’ve created an interactive tool to help you determine the gift that's right for you and learn how to plan your gift to The Foundation. We'll tell you about creative giving strategies that enhance you and your family's well being while supporting Marshall University.

If you're already considering certain giving options, click on Compare Gift Plans select the gifts you are considering, and you will be provided with a chart outlining the benefits of each type of gift.

If you're not sure how our gift plans can meet your financial goals, enter the Legacy Planner®, and follow the trail to the gifts that will work best for you. Each option you select leads to more choices, letting you design your own gift plan.

Request a personalized gift illustration from us that details your plan, read our most recent Tip of the Day, and refer to the FAQs and Glossary sections.

Welcome! We hope you find this helpful and informative.