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Gifts of Partnership Interests

Complete Gift Description

Support the the MU Foundation by transferring an interest in a real estate, oil-and-gas or other partnership.

Why should I consider contributing this type of asset?

If you invested in a partnership to gain the tax losses generated in its early years, you may want to consider donating your interest once income starts flowing to the partners. As with other gifts, you are entitled to a charitable deduction, based on the difference between your share of the fair market value of the partnership and your share of its liabilities.

What steps do I need to take to contribute a partnership interest?

Because of the technicalities involved, some precautionary steps must be taken. You should first determine if the partnership allows shares to be transferred. Because gifts of partnership interests involve the MU Foundation in issues of marketability, taxation, liability, and the potential of later assessments by the partnership, the transfer must be reviewed and approved.

Be sure to first consult with your attorney and accountant to ensure this is an advantageous gift for you. We can work with them to review the benefits of a gift.

*Please be sure to contact a representative of The Marshall University Foundation, Inc. before donating such assets as their may be limitations or restrictions in the Association's ability to accept such assets.