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Gifts of Cash
(Gift example*)

For charitable gifts of cash, the IRS allows you to claim up to 50% of your adjusted gross income ("AGI"). However, for charitable gifts of appreciated assets, you may deduct up to only 30% of AGI in any one year. The good news is that with both types of gifts if you cannot use all of the deduction in any one year, then you may carry over any remainder for the next five years. We have illustrated this below.

Gift of:


Appreciated Assets

Donor's AGI



Amount of gift



Total charitable deduction



Deductible against % of AGI



Deduction in first year



Net taxable income, first year



Net tax in first year @35% rate



Carryover deduction



*This example is based on income tax rates that can change yearly. Contact our office for a personal illustration based on the latest rates.

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