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Charitable Remainder Unitrusts
(Gift example*)

You are considering a gift to the MU Foundation of $250,000, but you are concerned about the capital gains consequences of liquidating assets, and reducing your and your spouse's cash flow.

You and your spouse, ages 70 and 68, own a small commercial building that has doubled in value and consequently generated several offers to purchase. You decide to place the building into a net-income unitrust that will pay 5% of the trust's value for your lifetime (initially from the rental income from the building, then a percentage of the proceeds of its sale) to the two of you. The remainder of the unitrust will go to the MU Foundation.

What are your benefits?



Private Sale

Amount transferred



Capital Gains Tax (@15%):



Net for reinvestment



First year's income



Charitable deduction



Tax savings @ 33% rate



Total benefit, first year



Unitrust payment plus tax savings from charitable deduction

Click here to calculate the benefits a unitrust would give you.

*This example is based on a factor that changes monthly. Contact our office for a personal illustration based on the latest rates.

Note: The Unitrust is not the only gift plan that pays you lifetime income. Compare its benefits with those of the annuity trust and the gift annuity.

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