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Ernestine Tabor Jones — A Gift for Generations

By all counts Ernestine Tabor Jones was an outstanding and caring educator, beginning with her days of teaching at Wayne (W.Va.) County High School to her days teaching English at Marshall University. All along, her students learned not only English, but also about life and the importance of education.

Ernestine's own education did not end with her Bachelor of Arts degree at Marshall College (1929) or with her Master of Arts degree at Marshall in 1948. A daughter of teachers, she knew the world offered many riches outside the classroom. Her travels took her throughout both American continents and Europe, and later Africa and Asia.

Ernestine always had time for volunteer work as well. Her passion was reading to the blind through the Radio Reading Service, with live broadcasts of newspapers over special air waves.

In 1931 Ernestine married Lucian Jones, a mail carrier with an interest in botany. When they both retired in 1961, they moved to Fort Myers, Fla., where Lucian owned various properties. There they lived an idyllic life, entertaining family and friends, surrounded by orange trees, tropical flowers and exotic fruits.

Lucian died in 1979, and Ernestine's mother died three years later. As the years passed and she was no longer able to maintain the orange grove, she moved into an apartment with a beautiful view of the ocean, and remained surrounded by family and friends until her death in 2003.

In 1999 Ernestine endowed the Tabor-Jones Scholarship at Marshall University in memory of her parents, Frank G. Tabor and Elizabeth "Mack" Tabor, and her husband, Lucian T. Jones. She further enhanced the fund through a bequest in her will. Her scholarship is awarded to a qualified graduate of Wayne High School.

Her gift demonstrates her love for education, long after leaving the classroom. Ernestine Tabor Jones' legacy will make a difference in the lives of many future students.

A. Webb

    Amy Webb

The 2005-06 recipient of the Tabor-Jones Scholarship is Amy Webb of Wayne, West Virginia who learned that she was the scholarship winner at her high school’s senior awards day.

“This scholarship was a blessing,” said Webb. “The cost of my education was a source of stress for my family and the Tabor-Jones Scholarship has been a tremendous help. When we learned that the award would provide for my tuition and even some of my books, it was a very emotional moment for me and my parents — a relief. I am so grateful to Mrs. Tabor-Jones.”

Webb, a freshman majoring in elementary education, plans to stay in West Virginia and influence the life of future generations through education.




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