How Others Have Given

John Churchill and Mary Hodges — Today’s Generosity is Tomorrow’s Future

J and M HodgesJohn Churchill Hodges has spent the greater part of his octogenarian life impassioned about one thing — education. As an educator and Central Staff Member of the Cabell County Board of Education, Churchill devoted his 35 year career to improving lives through education. He has, in his retirement years, taken this to a new level. He has designed a charitable gift annuity for Marshall University that will one day provide significant scholarships.

“I benefited greatly from the education I received at Marshall University and intend to give something back to the community,” says Churchill. He and his wife Mary have left a legacy not only in the lives of the students they have taught in the past, but also in the future Marshall University students.

For more information on how you can create your own charitable gift annuity, contact Dr. Lynne S. Mayer, Assoc. VP Development at 304-696-6214.




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